Virtual Retreats and Multi-media Programs

After many years of requests, we are making available online, digital versions of our retreats for those of you who aren’t able to attend in person. Each “Retreat in a Box” is a complete retreat, which you can use for your own self-retreat at home, or to listen to for educational purposes.

These offerings include talks never before available except to participants who have attended our retreats in person.

The following “Virtual Retreat” offerings are available (more coming soon):

Samatha Meditation — Purification of Mind Retreat

This “Retreat in a Box” includes everything you need for your own 2-week retreat and is available in four different packages.

In concentration (samatha) meditation, we return our awareness to one object of meditation to the exclusion of everything else, thereby collecting and unifying the mind stream. Samatha practice is often referred to as “purification of mind” and it does that in two ways.

First, the practice reveals with heightened clarity our habitual patterns that cause us to suffer both on and off the cushion. Second, as we build the capacity to turn away from these patterns, a laser-like awareness can develop that can lead to profound stillness and joy, as well as the possibility of the arising of deep meditative absorptions known as the jhanas.

The word “jhana” can be translated as a “burning up”—of our habitual patterns of greed, hatred, and delusion—which purifies our awareness, and can deepen our vipassana practice. This retreat is open to all. This retreat will be held in silence. There will be meditation instruction, several periods of meditation throughout the day, walking meditation, a dharma talk nightly with Q&A, and individual interviews.

Taught by: Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder
Prerequisite: The equivalent of a class or retreat giving basic meditation instructions
Virtual Retreat Materials: Retreat Schedule, Photos, 12 Audio Talks, 4 Video Talks, Chant Sheet, Posture & Meditation Instructions, Practice Charts
Price: Introductory price from $145 (was $295) to $495 (was $645) — 4 different packages available: Basic Package, Bookends Package, Intermediate Package, Deluxe Package)

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Here’s what students have to say:

  • “I found the Retreat-in-a-Box extremely useful. I looked forward to each night, hearing the talk. It was very encouraging, reassuring, inspiring…I would definitely use it again in the future.”
  • “I’ve deepened my practice more than ever, due to the clarity of the teaching.”
  • “If I was to describe this to a friend, I would call it ‘Jedi mind training!'”
  • “I have seen more changes in myself from two years of concentration practice than in the previous 20 years of various meditation practices.”
  • “My faith in Buddhism has been deepened to a degree previously unimaginable, but is tempered by a profound sobriety of mind and wisdom. Every word of the dharma talks penetrated the core of my being and accelerated my practice.”
  • “It will rock your world!”
  • “I feel more confident in my approach to the Anapanasati / samatha practice, and how to navigate the varied terrain as well.”
  • “Tina and Stephen, your dedication to the dharma is so inspiring to me. You’ve given me the courage to embrace my true path in life. Your efforts and example have given me a clarity that is truly miraculous. Thank you for all your hard work.”