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NEW Focused Attention Daylong (FASR)–Meditation for Developing Concentration and Serenity: Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017 at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, USA – Register at www.SpiritRock.org.

In focused attention meditation, we return our awareness to one object of meditation to the exclusion of everything else, thereby collecting and unifying the mind stream. This practice counteracts the overstimulation of today’s world, reflected in books like “The Shallows” that highlight the neurological effects of social media, texting, and technology that bombard our awareness with messages, alerts, and feeds. Practicing focused attention meditation collects the mind stream and “builds the muscle” of concentration, enabling us to turn away from the constant pull of our smartphones, computer screens, games, and entertainment, allowing us to settle into the serenity of our deeper nature. The practice also reveals with heightened clarity our habitual patterns that cause us to suffer both on and off the cushion. Then, as we build the capacity to turn away from these patterns, a laser-like awareness can develop that can lead to profound stillness and deep joy. This daylong is open to all. There will be instructions and meditation, silence, and periods of teaching and questions. Prerequisite: none.

Introduction to Concentration Meditation Weekend Retreat:
Saturday, January 28 & Sunday, January 29, 2017 at the White Heron Sangha in Morrow Bay, CA, USA – Register at http://www.whiteheronsangha.org/page-648552.

Introduction to Concentration Meditation Daylong: Saturday, July 22, 2017 at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, USA – Register at www.SpiritRock.org.


Introduction to Concentration Meditation Daylong:
Saturday, Jan X., 2018 at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, USA – Register at www.SpiritRock.org.

NEW 14-day Awakening Retreat: Jan 19-Feb 1, 2018 at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in Castle Rock, Washington, USA. Register at www.CloudMountain.org, or email info@CloudMountain.org for further details.

In this retreat, we will focus on the four cornerstones of awakening: heartful contact with oneself, others and the world; focused concentration that calmly and clearly abides with experience; open awareness that is able to be present with whatever arises; and freedom from the hindrances and defilements that make up the sense of “me.” The first week will include instruction and practice on each cornerstone of awakening (similar to the progression of Dzogchen in Tibetan Buddhism). Week two will focus on awakening itself, the non-duality of original mind.  Participants can choose to practice on all four cornerstones as they are structured (as a progression), or spend the entire two weeks practicing deeply in one area (for example, focusing on concentration and the jhanas). Support in interviews will be customized to each individual retreatant’s practice. Audios of the teachers’ prior retreats specializing in heart practices (the bramaviharas) and concentration meditation (samatha) will be available to further support people choosing to focus on one practice area.

Dharma Talk: February 22, 2018, Madrid, Spain

Intro to Concentration Meditation Weekend: February 23 & 24, 2018, Madrid, Spain

Purification of Mind 14-day Retreat: March 3-16, 2018, in Tossaignano, Italy. All accommodations are single rooms. Register at www.JhanaRetreat.com, or complete the contact form at http://www.jhanaretreat.com/en/contatti/  for further details.

Dharma Talks and Retreats Upon Request at Your Location
We are available to give dharma talks or lead retreats at your location. For a sample of our dharma talks, please visit the Dharma Talks page. If you or your sangha are interested in organizing a retreat or dharma talk for us to lead, please contact us directly as found on the Contacts Us page.